Fabricating the Track and Base Plate

  • John Hicks
Part of the Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series book series (PATRICKMOORE)

There are a multitude of roll-off mechanisms in use. Some are simple to construct but they usually require more mechanical advantage to operate. Rubber wheeled casters, for example, flatten from prolonged periods of inactivity and hobble along the track base requiring a lot of force to move them. This is made worse by colder temperatures. A winch system consisting of stainless cable, various pulleys and a lot of preliminary “engineering” solves the problem. Success isn’t usually achieved on the first attempt either because of the requirement for very specific locations of the pulleys. On one observatory I designed, the owner had intended to use a “closed-loop” winch system but was forced to resort to a two-winch system, one to winch off the roof, and another to winch it back on. The system worked well although he installed the two winches on pedestals mounted on the floor, which took up needed space within the observatory. Some very southern owners may even find that in order to see...


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