Framing the Walls

  • John Hicks
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Constructing and Erecting the Walls

The 4 walls are best constructed on the ground, later to be raised up into position either on the joisted floor or poured cement floor with its j-bolts. Studs should be “end-nailed” through the sole plate (the bottom 2″ × 6″ plate) at a standard 16″ apart on center. This method is much more satisfactory than installing the sole plate first and “toe-nailing” the studs into it while standing. Before installing the studs, depending upon the foundation type, it is essential to complete the following preparatory tasks:
  1. (a)

    locate the position of the j-bolts on the sole plate in the case of a poured slab

  2. (b)

    mortise the upper section of each of the side wall studs to accommodate the 2″ × 8″ track joist.


Locating the Position of the J-Bolts on the Sole Plate

Carefully position the sole plate on the threaded bolt ends projecting from the concrete slab, aligning it with the ends and flush with the sides of the slab. If you set the j-bolts at the same...


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