Options for Foundation Types and Laying out the Observatory “Footprint”

  • John Hicks
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Once you have studied all the previous requirements and are satisfied that you qualify with respect to all of the physical and legal parameters, you are ready to begin construction. Again, I cannot stress enough the importance of building an observatory that you will not outgrow. The observing limitations you experience today will not be what you can tolerate tomorrow. Larger aperture instruments will be within your economic grasp and larger CCD sensors will become commonplace (the CCD sensor driving you to create a warm room for a computer). Both opportunities could make you wish you had constructed an observatory at least as large as the model promoted in this book.

Slab Footing Versus Sono Tube Footings

A complete poured cement slab under the observatory proper is the easiest to install, providing you have cement truck access, several wheelbarrow assistants, and some careful planning. It will save you the arduous task of excavating at least 16 holes for sono-tube footings and...


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