Observatory Design Considerations

  • John Hicks
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Size and Internal Space Required

Several criteria combine to create the minimum size requirements for your observatory. These include the height of the astronomer first and foremost. The focal length of the telescope combined with its type of mounting are primary factors to consider next. The optical configurations of existing and future instruments planned for are equally important whether refractor, Newtonian, or Schmidt Cassegrain models. The walls surrounding the observatory are usually designed to allow the optical axis of the telescope to clear them when it is in the horizontal viewing position. Since this is also the usual storage position, the walls will have to be higher to allow the rolling roof to completely clear it when rolled shut. This is a necessity since the gable ends or roof rafters would strike the telescope on closing. At any rate, seldom does one observe on the horizon, or even a degree or two above it due to light pollution or landscape obstructions, so the need...


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