The Benefits of a Permanent Observatory

  • John Hicks
Part of the Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series book series (PATRICKMOORE)

Any astronomer familiar with setting up an equatorial telescope will realize the time required to level, polar align, and prepare an instrument for an observing session. In the case of a non-computerized system, the tasks involved with centering Polaris with its required off-set for the North Celestial Pole is daunting enough night after night. Even with a computer-assisted “scope,” set-up time still involves the usual lugging of equipment out-of-doors from either residence or vehicle (although polar alignment is greatly reduced with computer alignment hardware). Final assembly can still stretch patience with the attachment of battery, dew heaters, and a myriad of wires connecting all the apparatus. Additional to all of this, many observers still have to carry out and assemble an observing table complete with sky charts, red light, lens case, camera and film. After completing this Herculean effort, particularly in northern latitudes, an astronomer usually begins to feel cold and...


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