The Adult Thigh

  • John O’Neill
  • Gandikota Girish

The thigh region is more commonly evaluated as an extension of a study involving the adjacent joints, the hip and knee. Occasionally an examination will be dedicated to the thigh, which extends between the hip and knee joints, usually in the evaluation of a soft tissue mass, muscle, or tendon injury. One particular advantage of ultrasound in this region, given the large area involved, is the ability to localize the site of symptoms and then trace the pathology proximally or distally in real time. In addition, as this is a relatively uncommon region to study, direct comparison with the contralateral side can be very helpful in delineating normal anatomy from pathology. Ultrasound evaluation can be limited by patient habitus and depth of pathology.


Great Trochanter Necrotizing Fasciitis Biceps Femoris Lateral Collateral Ligament Vastus Medialis 
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