Arthroscopic Subtalar Arthrodesis: Indications and Technique

  • Dominic S. Carreira
  • Pierce Scranton


The subtalar joint is an important joint, playing a major role in eversion and inversion of the foot as it transmits and dissipates forces applied to the calcaneus proximally. Arthrosis of the subtalar joint may be a significant source of pain and dysfunction. It may have a rheumatoid, inflammatory, posttraumatic, or degenerative etiology. In patients with painful subtalar arthrosis with or without progressive deformity, arthrodesis is an accepted form of salvage.1 If the arthritic subtalar joint is well aligned, a simple subtalar arthrodesis without the use of bone graft has been shown to be effective. Mann and Baumgarten reported a high rate of success by denuding the posterior facet articular surface, feathering the bony surface, and using internal fixation.2 This and other open techniques for subtalar arthrodesis may be significantly painful and may require hospitalization for pain control.


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