Arthroscopic Repair of Chronic Ankle Instability

  • Peter B. Maurus
  • Gregory C. Berlet


Lateral ankle ligament sprains are some of the most common injuries encountered in the orthopedic office, occurring in an estimated 1/10,000 persons per day.1 These injuries can be seen in as many as 40% of all sports injuries.2 While the majority of acute ankle sprains heal reliably with activity modification and physical therapy/ankle rehabilitation, approximately 29–42% of patients experience chronic functional ankle instability.3 Functional lateral instability, as introduced by Freeman et al., describes a subjective complaint of giving way in the ankle joint.4 Tropp’s work further described this condition as motion beyond voluntary control, but not exceeding the physiologic range of motion.5 Mechanical instability is motion beyond the normal physiologic limits of the ankle joint. This is manifested as excessive anterolateral ankle laxity.


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