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Physicians are likely to confront several common dilemmas in the management of hyperlipidemia. This chapter presents cases from actual practice to illustrate some of these dilemmas and to provide the best evidenced-based decisions grounded in the information presented in previous chapters to provide optimal care for the primary or secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease in a patient with hyperlipidemia.

Case 1: The Well Elderly Patient

A healthy 82-year-old woman checked her cholesterol at a health fair and was told she needed to see her family doctor because it was high. Upon recheck with a fasting complete lipid profile, these were her test results:
  • TC = 254 mg/dl

  • LDL = 188 mg/dl

  • HDL = 41 mg/dl

  • TG = 125 mg/dl

Her past medical history was remarkable for some mild osteoarthritis of the knees and a 20-year history of systolic hypertension. She takes celecoxib 100 mg qd and hydrochlorthiazide 25 mg qd. She is a retired surgical nurse who lives alone in a small...


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