Case Studies: Lessons Learned from~Interesting Cases

  • Corey H. Evans
  • H. Jack Pyhel
  • Russell D. White

In this chapter we illustrate many of the concepts discussed in earlier chapters with cases accumulated over years of experience performing exercise testing. It is hoped the cases will illustrate concepts through both electrocardiogram tracings and discussion. Jack Pyhel, a cardiologist with over 30 years’ experience doing exercise testing, also has encountered many interesting treadmill cases shared in this chapter. All of these cases, other than being interesting, have taught valuable lessons. We hope the lessons we have learned can be passed on to the reader. Some of these cases occurred more than 20 years previously and the records were not available for illustration, plus some of the tracing are older so please bear with the tracing quality. The name at the end of each case indicate the contributor.


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