3D Fabrication Options for High-Performance CMOS Technology

  • Anna W. Topol
  • Steven J. Koester
  • Douglas C. La Tulipe
  • Albert M. Young
Part of the Integrated Circuits and Systems book series (ICIR)

3-D Technology


The last several decades have seen an incredible increase in the functionality of computational systems. At its core, this capability has been driven by the scaling of semiconductor devices, from fractions of millimeters in the 1960s to tens of nanometers in today’s technologies. The scaling has enabled the number of transistors on a single chip to correspondingly grow at a geometric rate, roughly doubling every 18 months; a trend is that now referred to as Moore’s law [1]. The impact of this trend cannot be underestimated and the resulting increase in computational capacity has had major impacts on almost every facet of society.

For this reason, there is a tremendous push to continue along these same trends. However, several serious roadblocks exist. The first is the limits to lithographic scaling. The second is that power densities will not allow reliable systems to be fabricated even if lithographic scaling could continue. Therefore, it becomes a big...


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The authors wish to thank for their contributions (1) the following IBM personnel: Steven Steen, Kuan-neng Chen, Leathen Shi, Cornelia Tsang, Paul Andry, David Frank, Jyotica Patel, James Vichiconti, Deborah Neumayer, Narender Rana, Robert Trzcinski, Latha Ramakrishnan, Roy Yu, James Tornello, Michael Lofaro, Gill Singco, John Ott, David DiMilia, William Price, Jesus Acevedo, and (2) the following RPI personnel: Dr. James Lu, Dr. Sang Hwui Lee, Dr. Ravi Kumaroh. The authors also acknowledge the support of IBM’s MRL and CSS as well as staff at EV Group and Suss MicroTec.

This project was partially funded by DARPA under contract numbers N66001-00-C-8003 and N66001-04-C-8032.


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