L-20 Nuts and Bolts

  • Peter C. Heap

Given these two models for initiating the run-up to the first L-20 meeting, what would some of the practicalities associated with this new body look like?

Composition – One More Time

The original proposal discussed prior to the workshop series was to invite the countries represented on the existing G-20 Ministers of Finance group (see the chart in Appendix B). This combination brought on board most of the large and economically significant developing countries. Working from an established list had the merit of avoiding a prolonged wrangle over who should be invited. Countries left out might be upset, but at least there was an explanation for who was included.

Once workshops began examining individual subject areas, however, participants had differing views about composition, depending on the subject matter. Participants at the Oxford workshop on agricultural trade thought that the agenda should dictate the make-up and size of the leaders group, and entertained notions of having...


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