Making the L-20 a Reality

  • Peter C. Heap

The L-20 project was always operationally oriented. The consistent motivating factor was a desire to make changes in an international situation which most project participants considered to be increasingly dysfunctional, if not dangerous. To re-state that underlying premise, the world-scale problems facing the global community are outstripping the ability of existing institutions (in many cases, more than 50 years old) to manage them effectively. Moreover, the most important problems no longer fit tidily into Ministerial mandates, issues are increasingly complex and multi-dimensional, and the response-time permitted to governments is shrinking annually. The L-20 approach is based on the conviction that devising ways for government leaders to intervene collectively and personally will make a significant difference in how those issues are addressed and resolved.

As previously stated, project organizers brought together a mix of practitioners, university-based experts and representatives...


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