Global Fairness and the Search for Legitimacy

  • Peter C. Heap

In addition to the recurring question of how best to engage the United States, another set of inter-connected issues wove through the workshop debates, no matter what the nominal focus of the discussion was. This collection of issues concerned the nature of globalization , the variable impact which globalization was having on people around the world, and the related question of how fair this was, especially to those in the global South. Invariably this led, in turn, to consideration of how best to ensure that global decision-makers (and/or international institutions) had a degree of legitimacy and, eventually, to reflections on the potential for injecting more effective democratic elements into the evolving pattern of global governance.

Globalization and Fairness

It will be recalled that the impetus for the L-20 project came from the often maligned world of politics and government, the realm of interminable meetings, over-simplified briefing notes and electoral calculation. So it seems...


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