Adjusting the Trajectory

  • Peter C. Heap

Gathering International Support

By early 2005, the L-20 idea was gaining momentum. The initial series of six subject-focused workshops had narrowed the field of likely topics for consideration at a first L-20 summit. Although no conclusions had been reached about possible L-20 composition and procedures, the ground had been cleared for a more detailed discussion.

The world outside the L-20 project was not standing still, however. Others recognized the need for international institutional reform. Late in 2003, Klaus Schwab , the President of the World Economic Forum (the organizers of the annual Davos meetings of international movers and shakers) had called for a new global group composed of ten developed nations, ten developing nations and the Secretary General of the UN to address twenty-first century challenges. This “P21 ” (Partnership 21) idea resembled, in simplified form, the L-20 approach1. In June 2004, Jim O’Neill and Robert Hormats (the latter a Sherpa or Sous-Sherpa for...


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