Taking Aim – Focusing the Project

  • Peter C. Heap

Early Meetings

The journey to project definition began with an October 26–27, 2003, meeting at the University of Waterloo . The purpose of that meeting was to have an initial discussion with a group of authors who had been commissioned to put flesh on the bones of the ideas put forward by Paul Martin (who began the session with some informal remarks). The meeting was attended by a diverse group of 45 academics, policy professionals, and sitting officials from national and international organizations1.

As a goad to debate, participants had before them the Smith/Carin paper already mentioned. Apart from making the case for the uniquely valuable role of government leaders, the paper quickly reviewed some of the more obvious global challenges (trade negotiations, climate change) which needed addressing and which the current institutional architecture seemed incapable of moving forward. The paper then opened discussion on organizational aspects of the L-20 idea, including questions such as...


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