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As those engaged in the L-20 project continued their exploration of the possible, the outside world moved inexorably onwards. From 2003, when the project was first designed to respond to Paul Martin ’s ideas, to the present (mid-2007), the international context shifted, often in ways directly relevant to the project’s objective of testing a new approach to energizing international decision-making. To try to gauge the impact of these developments and to provide a kind of progress report on the project as a whole, organizers canvassed a panel of sixteen participants to seek their overall judgment on outcomes and prospects.1This unscientific but instructive sampling provides a logical transition to the final section of this account, which briefly outlines plans for future work.

L-20 in a Changing World

The overriding impression left by the interviews conducted after the conclusion of the workshop series was that the international situation had worsened since 2003. John Sewell2provided...


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