Genesis of the L-20 Project

  • Peter C. Heap

As the twentieth century waned, the world seemed smaller, the problems it faced more intractable, and the tools for meeting those challenges less effective. Paradoxically, at the same time, the prospects for humankind seemed brighter than ever. The pace of change was accelerating in field after field. The Berlin Wall crumbled, genetic engineering became a reality, the internet transformed business practices, and global warming moved from the science lab to the front page and on to government leaders for action. Old certainties vanished, “new eras” beckoned, and those with the luxury to contemplate the future course of events were whipsawed between hope and despair. Whatever the promise of the new millennium, however, the old enemies – Pestilence, War, Famine and Death – still stalked the land.

The global economy was charging to the end of the century but, through the nineties, a steady drumroll of financial crises called into question the stability of the international system...


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