Ottavio Baldi: The Life and Times of Sir Henry Wotton

My next and last example shall be that undervaluer of money, the late provost of Eton Colledge, Sir Henry Wotton (a man with whom I have often fish'd and convers'd) a man whose for-reign Imployments, in the service of this Nation, and whose experience, learning, wit and cheerfulness made his company to be esteemed one of the delights of mankind; this man, whose very approbation of angling were sufficient to convince any modest censurer of it, this man was also a most dear lover, and a frequent practiser of the art of angling; of which he would say; of which he would say, ‘Twas an imployment for his idle time, which was not idely spent; for angling was after tedious Study, a rest to his mind, a (cheerer of his spirits, a diverter of sadnesse, a calmer of unquiet thoughts; a moderator of passions, a procurer of contentedness; and that it begot habits of peace and patience in those that profess's and practis'd it. Indeed, my friend, you you will find angling to be like the ver-tue of...


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