In the summer of 1958 I found myself in Santa Monica, where I had a job as a consultant for the RAND Corporation. This had followed a year at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. In a way, RAND resembled the institute, a diverse group of very intelligent people in a setting of considerable physical beauty and comfort. There was one major difference: the RAND Corporation was at that time almost entirely devoted to strategies for winning the Cold War. The physics group, of which I was a part, was focused on nuclear weapons and their effects. One of its stars was the late Herman Kahn, who was trying to make us feel comfortable with the concept of “ mega-deaths ” — ours and the Russians. When, a few years later, I saw Dr. Strangelovein which the RAND Corporation had been renamed the BLAND Corporation, it rang a bell. This was not too surprising, since Stanley Kubrick had saturated himself in RAND reports and, indeed, Khan was one of the models for Strangelove. The accent came...


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