In the late 1970s a book appeared that was called The Tao of Physics. It was written by a theoretical physicist named Fritjof Capra, whose intent was to show parallels between some ideas of elementary particle physics and Eastern mysticism. When I heard about it, I decided that I would not read it. I had by this time taken several trips to Nepal, where I had been exposed to the real thing, and I felt that I did not have to deal with some second-hand imported version. But eventually I changed my mind. As a physicist I found myself being asked questions concerning it, so I thought that I should have some idea what it was. Furthermore, I was then writing a biannual column for The American Scholar. I thought that if this book was as bad as I expected to be, it would be grist for a column. My expectations were realized on both counts, and I wrote a column that I called “ A Cosmic Flow. ” In it I pointed out that not only were Capra's parallels absurd, but the physics on which they were...


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