When Michel Thomas published his first poems in La Nouvelle Revue de Paris in 1988, he adopted the last name of his paternal grandmother, Houellebecq.1141He also changed his date of birth. Michel Thomas was born on the February 26, 1956, in Saint Pierre de La Réunion, a mountainous volcanic island in the Indian Ocean. His mother, Janine Ceccaldi Thomas, a medical doctor practicing on the island, had once made a visit to the cathedral at St. Michel and decided that if she had a son that is what he would be called. Michel Houellebecq, on the other hand, always gives his birth date as February 26, 1958, probably because, at least in the beginning, he wanted to keep entirely separate his literary career from what he was actually doing to earn a living. Michel Thomas was a computer systems engineer; he worked first in private industry, and then, from 1985 to 1991, in the Ministry of Agriculture until 1996, when he became an employee of the National Assembly. He was considered to be a very...


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