‘They're falling in a Poisson distribution’ says Pointsman in a small voice, as if it was open to challenge. No doubt man, no doubt – an excellent point. But all over the fucking East End, you see.

—Thomas Pynchon Gravity's Rainbow1041

When he first met [Arnaud] Desplechin in 1982, [Michel] Djerzinski was finishing his doctoral thesis at the University of Orsay. As part of his studies he took part in Alain Aspect's groundbreaking experiments, which showed that the behavior of photons emitted in succession from a single calcium atom was inseparable from the others. Michel was the youngest researcher on the team.

—Michel Houellebecq, The Elementary Particles1052

Not long ago I found myself in the Libreria Francese on the Piazza Ognissante in Florence. I was on something of a mission. I had watched a re-broadcast of the inaugural of the French cultural television program “ Campus, ” which was the successor to the various very popular Bernard Pivot programs such as “ Bouillon de Culture. ”...


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