Da kÖnnt' mir halt der liebe Gott leid tun, die Theorie stimmt doch-Then I would have been sorry for the dear Lord — the theory is correct. (Einstein's response to a student who asked him what his feelings would be if experiment failed to confirm his theory of gravitation)

If you decide you don't have to get A's, you can learn an enormous amount in college.

—I. I. Rabi

In the spring of 1969 I got the somewhat lunatic idea that I wanted to go to the northwest frontier of Pakistan to see the high mountains — K-2, Nanga Parbat, and the like. As it happened, I had a colleague in physics who was a Pakistani, and he had a connection both with the University of Islamabad and the Ford Foundation, which had a program to send scholars to Pakistan to teach at the university. He arranged for me to become a Ford Foundation visiting professor. I told the foundation that I intended to drive to Pakistan and, after expressing considerable surprise, they agreed to give me what they would have had to...


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