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As I came to the end of my time in graduate school, like all graduate students, I was totally consumed with two things. The first was finishing my thesis, and the second was finding a place to work when I got out. In those days, there were no word processors or graphics programs, and computers occupied whole rooms. As a result, each sentence of my thesis had to be hand-written and then typed carefully onto the cotton rag paper required for a thesis. No mistakes or corrections were allowed on the final version. All of the figures for my thesis (of which there were many) had to be hand drawn and then inked onto vellum paper. My wife was doing the typing and I was doing the drawing, which left little time for looking for a job. I had decided (after extensive consultation with my thesis advisor) that I wanted to get a post-doctoral position that would expand my horizons beyond my thesis area. I applied to several prestigious universities, but there were no openings available at that time...


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