Ten Questions for Individual Leadership Development

  • Reverend John C. Maxwell
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As we age, it seems our childlike curiosity diminishes. Yet, after all I have learned, as a leader, I realize there is even more that I have not yet discovered. Through my leadership journey, I have tried to keep my mind open to growth by continuing to probe for new ideas. In this readership forum, consisting of bioengineers, biotechnologists, and cross-disciplinary scientists and professionals, I would like to share ten broader questions that I regularly ask myself as a leader.
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    Am I investing in myself?

    This is a personal growth question.

    Lifelong learners have a common set of characteristics:
    • They develop a personal growth plan.

    • They possess a teachable attitude.

    • They invest in growth-oriented resources and relationships.

    • They continually leave their comfort zone.

    • They capture what they learn by applying their knowledge.

    • They reflect on what they learn and turn experience into insight.

    • They pass what they learn on to others.

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    Am I Genuinely Interested In Others?

    This is a motive...


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