Honor Thy Profession

  • Max E. Valentinuzzi
Part of the Series in Biomedical Engineering book series (BIOMENG)

Honor thy father and thy mother, for they gave you at least your biological life;

Honor thy teachers, too for they showed you the way;

Honor thy disciples, assuming you had the rare privilege of having them, for they put content and projection to what you have offered them;

Honor the soil thou werest born . . . for there you got education, probably at the expense of those who could not get what you got;

Honor thy profession, for somehow it condenses at least partially all four previous commandments;

Honor life as the supreme gift, which easily you can destroy but to be sure, you can never recall.”

My personal life is interwoven with social, political, economic, and scientific events; there is no way to separate them out. After all, my generation was born with the vacuum tube, raised with the transistor, and in adulthood watched development of the operational amplifier, integrated circuits, the microprocessor, and the personal computer. Point-to-point telecommunications were superseded...


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