Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Competency Development

  • Joaquin Azpiroz Leehan
Part of the Series in Biomedical Engineering book series (BIOMENG)

Most modern engineering and technology projects are large and complex, and require the seamless interaction of a great many people at different levels. These projects often require the assembly of several multidisciplinary teams, each of which works on a specific area of the project.

One example of successful collaborative engineering is the Apollo Project. Here, the collaboration of a space agency and thousands of contractors allowed men to complete an extremely large project that, even today, almost five decades later, we find daunting. The fact that these teams of people carried out this project with “simple” tools and technologies makes the feat even more awesome. The teamwork that allowed the crew of Apollo 13 to return to earth unharmed after an in-flight explosion is also an example of successful collaboration that will not easily be forgotten. However, for all of these successes, we must not forget that the Apollo project was also beset by failures, such as the Apollo 1 capsule...


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