Enhancing Humanity

  • Raymond C. Tallis
  • D. Litt
Part of the Series in Biomedical Engineering book series (BIOMENG)

“Tereza is staring at herself in the mirror. She wonders what would happen if her nose were to grow a millimeter longer each day. How much time would it take for her face to become unrecognizable? And if her face no longer looked like Tereza, would Tereza still be Tereza?”

The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Milan Kundera.

There is increasing concern among a wide range of commentators that human nature is in the process of being irrevocably changed by technological advances which either have already been achieved or are in the pipeline. According to a multitude of op-ed writers, cultural critics, social scientists, and philosophers, we have not faced up to the grave implications of what is happening. We are sleep-walking, and need to wake up. Human life is being so radically transformed that our very essence as human beings is under threat.

Of course, apocalypse sells product, and one should not regard the epidemiology of panic as a guide to social or any other kind of reality. The...


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