Information Sharing in the 21st Century

  • Vinton G. Cerf
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If we have learned anything in the long evolution of civilization, it is that information lies at its heart. It is not information that is power. It is the sharing of information that gives power. When the first hominids who discovered how to make tools, weapons, and fire shared this information with others of their kind, they began civilization’s slow and often uneven evolution toward our 21st century.

The invention of writing ignited a bright new stage in the progressive sharing of information that has fueled the evolution of civilization. While the oral tradition allowed us to communicate directly only with the next generation or two, writing allowed us to record and communicate with virtually all future generations. In writing, our species learned to accumulate and accurately share knowledge obtained from many members of our society.

The invention of movable type and the printing press triggered yet another dramatic evolutionary step. With the invention of the transistor, the...


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