Nonviolence for Technocrats

  • Arun M. Gandhi
Part of the Series in Biomedical Engineering book series (BIOMENG)

When I was asked to write some words of wisdom for a book on technology, my first reaction was, “How can the philosophy of nonviolence interest technocrats?” Then it struck me, why not? Technologists are human too, right? For a split second, I found myself falling into the common trap of looking at nonviolence simply as a tool for the peaceful resolution of conflict. I quickly reminded myself that nonviolence is much more than that: it has grave implications for all aspects of human life.

In a very important way, nonviolence is like an iceberg. It hides more than it reveals. We assume that because we do not fight we are nonviolent, but this is not true. Our vision of nonviolence is limited by our narrow perspective of violence, and since both are correlated, we can understand the depth of nonviolence only after we have plumbed the depths of violence. This requires a personal commitment to conduct an honest introspection. As a young boy of twelve, what my grandfather, Mohandas...


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