Design of Appropriate Medical Technologies: Engineering Social Responsibility and Awareness

  • Nigel H. Lovell
Part of the Series in Biomedical Engineering book series (BIOMENG)

Professionals undergo extensive training to perform a particular set of tasks. Engineers are trained to design, develop, and build. Bioengineers will typically develop technologies for application in the health and medical domains. It could be argued that the natural gravitation of an engineer is to over-design, and build into a product a rich feature set. However, if one examines what truly comprises a visionary engineering design, the key concepts are simplicity and appropriateness. The technology itself sub-serves and grows from identification and deep understanding of the medical problem–the solution is an approach that best meets social, economic, and health needs.

The technology, therefore, is a secondary consideration after identification of the problem. It follows that not all problems can or should be solved with engineering-based technology solutions. In this chapter, the concepts of broader professional responsibilities are explored as an integral part of the nexus between...


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