Perspectives on Ethical Development: Reflections from Life and Profession

  • Jerry C. Collins
Part of the Series in Biomedical Engineering book series (BIOMENG)

I have been asked to give, as a bioengineer and as an individual, a perspective of my own odyssey in ethics. I claim no special gift, perspective or accomplishment that qualifies me for this task. But that may not be such a bad thing. I hope you see in my ordinary experience an encouragement to explore your own, to see how you arrived at where you are now. The exercise may be worth the effort.

Early Formative Experiences

I was born and grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, in the 1940s. Nashville was a politically conservative, historically racially segregated city. My family was in a Christian conservative religious movement. They were loving but strong-willed; some might say controlling.

I was an early reader and precocious. At the age of five, when I spoke to my grandmother (with whom our family shared a house) about my ability to read and do math, she said “Do not brag!” I stopped what I was saying. I was a pleaser, but parts of me were rebellious and combative.

When I was six, I took a...


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