On Searching for New Genes: A 21st Century DNA for Higher Education and Lifelong Learning

  • Rick L. Smyre
Part of the Series in Biomedical Engineering book series (BIOMENG)

“It is possible to store the mind with a million facts and still be uneducated.”

—Alec Bourne

“The aim of the college, for the individual student, is to eliminate the need in his life for the college; the task is to help him become a self-educating man.”

—George Horace Lorimer

As a futurist, I am a collector of quotes that, when connected, may help provide a glimpse into our future because of new questions that have arisen. Two of the most important questions for our age are “What is the future of higher education?” and “What future capacities will be required for an educated person in the 21st century?”

The only thing that will be certain is that our society will be constantly transforming. It will not be the traditional society of the past on which so much of today’s education is base. With this in mind, the following article suggests a 21st century “higher education DNA,” so that the context of education will be aligned as best as possible with a constantly evolving society.
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