Writing Non-Fiction Books

  • Barbara A. Oakley
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Writing non-fiction books related to your area of expertise can be an extraordinarily satisfying experience. However, such writing is best thought of as a supplement to your career, rather than a career in and of itself, since the financial rewards are typically small. In that sense, then, this chapter describes an activity that compliments the many careers discussed in this book.

Writing books is not for the faint-hearted. It can often take years of meticulous attention and feedback from others to create a useful, readable volume. On the other hand, those who are fascinated by their work often find that writing books allows them to obtain a better overview of their area of interest or expertise. It also provides a mechanism for meeting many talented individuals who share the same interest. This can supply a valuable boost for any career.

Types of Non-Fiction Books

Non-fiction books are generally written for three different audiences: specialists, general readers, or...


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