Sports Engineering

  • Celeste Baine
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I have always been athletic. When I was young, my brother was considered the prodigy child, as he excelled in art and reading. Not knowing how to compete, I chose to go my own way and excel in running, jumping, and playing. In sixth grade, I could run faster than all but one boy, and by my junior year in high school, I was captain of the volleyball team, had a bowling average of 240, was swimming open water competitions, playing softball, and riding a unicycle all over town. Having always loved technology, gadgets, and mechanics, my gravitation towards bioengineering and sports equipment was obvious. Unfortunately, bioengineering was a relatively new field when I went to college, and finding a way to link sports to engineering was challenging.

The sports industry provides entertainment, physical fitness, and health awareness for millions of people around the world. This field is wide open and growing so rapidly that opportunities are plentiful and imaginative. Sports engineering is an...


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