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My interest in the business of science started when a friend who was in the finance field asked me one day what “genomics” was, and I did not know the answer. He wanted to invest in a company called Millennium Pharmaceuticals. That was in the late nineties, when biotechnology companies were coming to the attention of investors on a larger scale than before. Companies like Millennium and Amgen were headlining the news, and chief executive officers (CEOs) like William Haseltine of Human Genome Sciences were being interviewed by CNN. Reading about these companies opened a whole new world. I had come to the USA from India with an interest in cell biology, and was doing my doctoral research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York. I was surrounded by doctors and scientists, but this was my first introduction to the nexus of science and business. I was hooked.

From Lab Rat to PR Flack?

I enjoyed the intellectual rigor of my life in the laboratory, but wanted a career with more...


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