Expert Witness and Litigation Consulting

  • John G. Webster
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In trials, “fact” witnesses may testify about facts, but may not give opinions. A special type of witness is the expert witness, who has credentials that permit him or her to offer opinions. Bioengineers are frequently called upon to serve as expert witnesses in product liability cases where a subject is injured by a medical device, or in patent litigation where a first company sues a second company for infringement of a patent owned by the first company. A patent on an invention is granted by the government for twenty years, which grants the holder an exclusive right to practice the patent in exchange for explaining the invention to the world in a patent published by the US government patent office.

The Cold Call from an Attorney

I had been working about twenty years teaching and doing research in medical devices and instrumentation when an attorney phoned and asked if I would be interested in serving as an expert witness in patent litigation. He asked if I would read some patents and...


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