Social Entrepreneurship

  • Robert A. Malkin
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Everyone told David Green that it was impossible. No one could make intraocular lenses for $6, and such devices certainly could not be manufactured in the developing world. In fact, some of the most prominent specialists in global health told David it was inappropriate to even think about using intraocular lenses to cure blindness from cataracts in the world’s poorest nations. Nevertheless, six months after obtaining initial funding, David Green’s company, Auralabs, was producing intraocular lenses for $5 a piece and selling them in India using a sustainable business model.

David Green is a social entrepreneur.

According to Bill Drayton, CEO of Ashoka, a social entrepreneur is someone who decides that something in society must change, then figures out how to change it – no matter what. If you think that describes you, then you could be a social entrepreneur.

What Is (and Is Not) a Social Enterprise?

A social enterprise, at least as it is practiced in bioengineering, is a business...


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