Clinical Research Careers

  • Kathi G. Durdon
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Clinical research, in part, involves evaluation of medical therapeutics and diagnostics to determine their safety and efficacy for improving public health and augmenting medical knowledge. Most importantly, clinical research involves using humans as willing and informed study participants. Those involved in conducting clinical research can essentially be grouped into one main career category: “Clinical Research Professional (CRP).” A CRP may have a more definitive title that is aligned with the job site, which may be a private practice physician site, a Clinical Research Organization (CRO), an Academic Medical Center (AMC), a pharmaceutical, biotechnology, or medical device manufacturer (“industry”), an Institutional Review Board (IRB), a consultant, or a training organization. However, the clinical research profession is not standardized, and positions with similar job qualifications will more than likely have diverse titles. There are also many clinical, scientific, administrative,...


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