Specialized Careers in Healthcare

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To address the question of why you should choose the healthcare sector for your career, let me begin by sharing my own career path. I started my career in public accounting, having an undergraduate degree with an accounting major and a graduate degree in management science. Healthcare was not on my list of careers to pursue, although I had spent my first few years in many different industries, including healthcare. During those early years, I was exposed to manufacturing, wholesale, retail, broadcasting and journalism, and numerous service industries. As I gained an understanding of the business issues involved in each industry, I became more and more fascinated with the complexities surrounding healthcare systems. The business issues were significant, and at that time it was an industry on the verge of a growth trend that would outpace most sectors of the economy. The year was 1969. The Medicare1 and Medicaid2programs, governed by the United States Department of Health and Human...


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