Human Implantable Technologies

  • Joseph H. Schulman
Part of the Series in Biomedical Engineering book series (BIOMENG)

If you like technology and want to make better gadgets that make a difference in the lives of people, this is the field for you! When I was 16, I enjoyed building electronic gadgets. If you are into making electronic, mechanical, or chemical things for the fun of it, a career in human implantable technologies will satisfy your puzzle solving skills and give you great pride in your work. If you like near future science fiction, you can make some of it come true.

I have been working in the field of implantable medical technology since 1969. It was my first job out of school, and I am still in that same job. In March 1969, I went to work for a prolific individual named Alfred Mann, who was starting a pacemaker company. Each implantable device led to another. Over a dozen companies were initiated since that time, and the process has not stopped yet.

I was asked about five years ago to list all of the items I have to take into consideration when we design a new implantable device. I came up...


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