Entrepreneurship in Pharmaceutical and Biological Drug Discovery and Development

  • Rabbi Robert G.L. Shorr
Part of the Series in Biomedical Engineering book series (BIOMENG)

I am delighted that you are considering a career in pharmaceutical development and biological drug discovery. I wish you every success because with your success, you will have helped to make the world a healthier place. To save a life is to save a world.

As you begin considering a career choice in the pharmaceutical development or drug discovery life sciences, or in related engineering and information technology, the possibilities will seem overwhelming. Even so, there are many overlaps in methods, equipment, basic technology, and training requirements. A strong background in one area can easily serve as a launching point for a career in another. Unique methods, approaches, and applications of clinical and scientific knowledge in one area can cross fertilize ideas and push the traditional envelope. Academia and industry, while not mutually exclusive from a technology perspective, have very different objectives, although more and more frequently discoveries made in academia serve as the...


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  • Rabbi Robert G.L. Shorr
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  2. 2.Altira Capital and Consulting, LLC., Edison
  3. 3.Center for BiotechnologyStony Brook
  4. 4.Metabolic Research, Inc.MontgomeryUSA
  5. 5.BrainStorm Cell TherapeuticsIsrael

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