Wireless Technologies

  • William D. Ankerstjerne
  • Mohamed Rehman
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Wireless technology is an integral part of everyday life. Most people commonly think of cellular telephones when they speak of wireless communications, but many other wireless technologies are quickly becoming equally as popular, available, and affordable. The result of this increase in both visibility and popularity is that “wireless” is rapidly becoming a consumer-driven technology. Accompanying this trend, consumer demand is driving the development and evolution of applications for these devices. In the past, it was not unusual for a user or business to actually change its workflow to take advantage of wireless applications, with the benefits usually outweighing the inconvenience. Today, the general public is adopting wireless technology in daily life, and manufacturers are moving fast to meet the demand. This phenomenon is similar to the evolution of PCs throughout the 1980s as they migrated out of the offices into people's homes and became indispensable tools for everyday activities.


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