Full-Thickness Excision

  • Emanuele Lezoche
  • Mario Guerrieri
  • Maddalena Baldarelli
  • Giovanni Lezoche

Transanal endoscopic microsurgery (TEM) is a minimally invasive transanal surgical technique that uses a set of specialized endoscopic surgical instruments along with a form of enhanced or assisted vision (usually stereoscopic) to facilitate removal of tumors throughout the entire rectum.

The three-dimensional amplification, magnified stereoscopic view and lighting within the rectal lumen, with subsequent excellent vision of the operative field, allow the surgeon to perform extremely precise excision of rectal lesions, including full-thickness excision with perirectal fat and adjacent lymph nodes. This specific superiority also permits surgery for low rectal cancers with subsequent sphincter salvage.

The technique of TEM was first described and made available for clinical use in 1983 by Buess et al. in Germany. To our knowledge, this technique is currently the only one-port system which provides a completely endoluminal approach to the target organ using a natural opening of the body....


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  • Maddalena Baldarelli
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