Equipment and Operative Set-up

  • Lee E. Smith

The equipment for transanal endoscopic microsurgery (TEM) was designed in the early 1980s well prior to the advent of therapeutic laparoscopy for general surgery, and was developed to overcome the problem of exposure and access to the upper two thirds of the rectum. Owing to the nature of rectal anatomy, the operating proctoscopes and instruments are long and narrow. The insufflation/suction/irrigation machine provides the exposure necessary to carry out the cutting, dissecting, and sewing required. The equipment is fitted with locking gaskets and caps to maintain a gastight system, thus keeping the rectum insufflated to facilitate operative exposure.


Articulated Stabilizing Arm

The articulated arm, also known as the Martin arm, attaches to the operating table and serves as a brace to hold the operating proctoscope firmly in place. There are two ball joints which fully articulate and are locked firmly in place with a single set screw. A bar at the one end of the articulated...


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