Problem Formulation and Initial Integral Equations; Averaging Method

  • Mikhail V. Nesterenko
  • Victor A. Katrich
  • Yuriy M. Penkin
  • Sergey L. Berdnik

The problem of electromagnetic coupling of two waveguides through apertures in their common walls is a classical problem that attracted the attention of many investigators, starting with the paper written by Bethe in 1944 [2.1]. The narrow slots with the length of 2L commensurable with the operating wavelength of \(\lambda\)


Rectangular Waveguide Differential Equation System Asymptotic Average Narrow Wall Narrow Slot 
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  • Mikhail V. Nesterenko
    • 1
  • Victor A. Katrich
    • 1
  • Yuriy M. Penkin
    • 2
  • Sergey L. Berdnik
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of RadiophysicsV.N. Karazin Kharkov National UniversityUkraine
  2. 2.Department of Information TechnologyNational Pharmaceutical UniversityUkraine

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