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ROBERT SCHWARTZ: I would like to welcome Cathy back. It is 2 years almost to the day that she was last here. It was an excellent keynote speech, despite the fact that she had a bad cold that day. The event ended with a wine reception and I had to lead her there by the hand (laughter). Are you feeling better now?

CATHERINE KINNEY: I am feeling very well.

SCHWARTZ: Excellent. As you know, we record the proceedings and turn the transcript into a book because we find the material valuable and want to keep it. But I have never found it more valuable than right now. Your speech from 2 years ago is in my book, and I went back and re-read it. In academia, we care a great deal about consistency so, with that in mind, can I quote you (laughter)?

KINNEY: Do I have a choice (laughter)?

SCHWARTZ: Probably not. At our conference in 2004 you said, “I will get started by recalling what Bill Donaldson said in a speech that he gave this past Sunday to the Society of American Business Editors and Writers...


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