Advanced Models for Traffic Assignment to Transportation Networks

  • Ennio Cascetta
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Assignment to a transportation network has already been introduced in Chap. 5. Here we continue the analysis of assignment in the absence of within-day dynamics. In Sect. 6.2 we describe assignment with preventive-adaptive path choice, Sect. 6.3 covers the extension to the case of variable demand and/or multimodal assignment, and Sect. 6.4 deals with multiclass assignment models. In Sect. 6.5 we introduce assignment with day-to-day dynamics (dynamic process). As each of these extensions may be combined in banal fashion with each of the others, combined cases are not treated explicitly (e.g., multiclass assignment with variable demand); in Sect. 6.6 we present an overall scheme that allows straightforward comparison of these extensions. Also in this chapter, as in Chap. 5, the algorithms described are only those used more commonly or that are simpler to implement.


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