Mendel's Bulldog (1902–1906)


Karl Pearson is a biometrician, And this, I think, is his position, Bateson and co., hope they may go To monosyllabic perdition.

Naomi Mitchison [1]

By May 1900 relations between Bateson and the Biometricians were thoroughly and probably irremediably soured. It only needed a fresh issue for quarrels to break out again. Mendelism was admirably suited to serve this purpose, seeming initially to come down on the side of discontinuity, although ways were found of fitting the facts of continuous, as well as discontinuous, variation within a Mendelian framework. Fundamentally at issue was the proper place of statistics in biology. For the Biometricians statistical analysis was something central to their philosophy – the means whereby biology could be rescued from the status of a second-class and mainly descriptive science, and elevated to that of a first-class and analytical science. The statistical apparatus which they developed was above any particular theory, a point Pearson was fond of...


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